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The Curious Balance Between Writing Life vs. Social Life

Hi, my name is Morgan Ranes, and I haven’t cancelled plans with friends in at least 2 days.

The more writers I get to know, the more I find that the majority of us are introverts, or have very strong introverted tendencies.

I personally can’t imagine keeping up with a super active social life and my writing projects. In fact, the very thought makes me want to start breathing into a brown lunch sack.

Luckily, I’ve been blessed with close friends that mostly get me. When they ask me what I’m doing that night, and I tell them I’m busy, they generally don’t push the question.


I’m very busy getting into my pajamas, brewing a pot of coffee, and hiding out in my room for hours, cranking out words like they’re going out of style (or, you know, crying over my laptop because I can’t remember the genius idea I had at work).

The problem I generally run into is with my non-writing friends. How do you explain to real people that you’ve already made plans with other people? Namely, your characters.

“Sorry! I’m not going to make it to Applebees because I have to torture Remington tonight.”

“I can’t come. I need to help save a continent. A CONTINENT.

Here’s the thing; the kicker:

These characters may not be real to them, but they are very real to me.

I have a great social life… with my characters, and I am 100% okay with that.

God, that makes me sound like such a shut in. By all means, I do go out sometimes. It’s good to get out, to see the world, to experience things firsthand, to get some fresh air, to see the ball of light in the sky they call the sun (I live in Washington, so I’m still pretty convinced the sun is a myth).

I guess what I’m saying is that if you have plans to write, or plans with your characters, don’t feel guilty if you want to stick with them. Your characters will thank you for it.


At least roam out of your room sometimes. You know, to get more chocolate.




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