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The Alabaster Heir


Once, the great countries of Elmrys united together to rise against their deadliest foe: the Sorceress Morah. Yet, even in victory, they found defeat.

With her dying breath, the Sorceress cursed the world, vowing that her descendants would be scattered throughout the lands. Born to normal, unsuspecting folk, they would be marked by their white hair and pale skin.

Now, magic lies dormant and the descendants of Morah are known as the Cep — the cursed ones; and although the mindless slaughter of their kind has decreased, the majority of them live in hiding or as slaves.

The Kingship of Cress houses the last remaining possession of Morah – a bell. Many fear that if touched by one of the Cep, it will re-awaken the soul of the Sorceress.

For centuries, the bell has been locked away, safe and secure. That is, until a mysterious thief known as Calex steals the bell and disappears.

As the world lapses into chaos, a runaway slave, a prince, an assassin, and two outlaws form an uneasy alliance with one purpose: to find the elusive thief. But, they’re not the only ones looking for Calex, and with secrets and loyalties of their own, their alliance can only go so far…